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1st Day in Chadron

Dr. Webb worked so hard to remodel her new Chadron office and the results paid off! Our team arrived bright and early on Monday and as we took the "tour" all you could hear was, "wow", "cute", "love the color", "cozy", "oooo", "awww". The team definitely approved. All we needed was to hear if our patients approved and...the support was amazing! We couldn't have asked for a better day. Our friend Tammy, from Snowie Bus, also came out to help us celebrate our first day! We even had Dr. Owen and his wife and Dr. Lambert and his team stop by to enjoy snow cones with us. 

Now we are looking forward to our first day in Sidney. Don't worry Sidney patients...we are bringing the Snowie Bus to you as well. We will see you on the 18th!

Dates we will be in Chadron: Sep. 8, Oct. 27, Dec. 15, Feb. 2, March 16, May 4, June 15, July 27, Sep. 14, Nov. 2, Nov. 24, Dec. 14


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