Specializing in Braces for Adults and Children
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Records Technician amanda@webbortho.com

Favorite quote Behind every successful woman is her dream.
Random fact about yourself I am adopted and met my birth mom when I was 27. My families all have met and we all are great friends and keep in touch and hang out and vacation together.
Hobbies Motorcycle riding, scouts with my son, making homemade items like laundry soaps, bath scrubs and household cleaners
Favorite store Coop, Kitchen & Co, Bentley’s Fine Jewelry and Repair
Favorite movie The Harry Potter Series
Food you can't live without Fruits & veggies, anything Italian/Mexican/Greek or anything really. I just love food!
Nickname Moo, Babydoll, MOM
Sports or Instruments played as a kid Volleyball, basketball, football, singing, guitar
From where Scottsbluff, NE
Joined Webb Orthodontics 2005

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